About Tasha Civil Works

Tasha civil works provides civil construction work to bring utilities access to our customers for their property development projects.  Tasha Civil Works is committed to our customers site servicing needs, whilst maintaining a focus on safe working practices, and environmentally friendly working environments.  We can provide your next development project with both on and offsite utilities works. Tasha Civil Works is WCB registered and fully insured.

Services We Offer

Tasha Civil Works offers a variety of on and off site Civil works and site servicing.  Click below for a more detailed look at some of the various services we offer.

  • Storm & Sanitary Sewers

    We build new storm and sanitary main lines, as well as tap into existing infrastructure.

  • Water Mains

    We provide new water connections as well as live tapping of existing infrastructure..

  • Erosion & Sediment Controls - ESC

    Maintaining clean environments & healthy waterways.

  • Power & Telecom

    We can provide BC Hydro, Cable & Telus site servicing.

  • Streetlights

    Installation of new streetlight davits and conduits.

  • Road Works

    Asphalt & Concrete services we provide.